Tuesday, February 06, 2001

Internet And Chatting For Teenagers Of Pakistan.

What is Internet and why it was invented? Was it invented for porn sites or just for chat and stuff? If you ask the people what Internet is really all about? You will not get a satisfactory answer since no one really knows about it. Elder generation who are the users of
e-mail mostly, which is the cheapest source of communication to them and that is all what is Internet all about to them. Most the parents are against there children chat on the net because they think it’s a waste of time and money is it? When a person is chatting he has to be very quick at thinking and have to be very selective about his words and language if he aims to achieve something, most of the time the boys chatting are looking for girls and the ratio of girls on the net is not good as compared to the boys on the net.

What do they chat about mostly Hello, hi, bye and some garbage like can you call me or can you meet me and stuff like that and there are people who do call and even meet then again there is another category they just chat with people they know and waste they internet money when they can just talk to them over the phone. The best or worst part of chatting is people like to pretend a lot for example boys sitting on chat and pretending to be girls and vise versa and pretending to be very rich mostly to attract the chatter on the other end though everyone is aware of the fact that no one is honest on the net especially people from Pakistan and the people on the net who have very active internet life mostly belongs to Karachi and Lahore is on the second place and then Islamabad on the third.

People from other countries especially from America and England are the real chatters and are the ones who are even taking advantage of this entertainment tool and get the most out of it HOW? They just be themselves and have a lot to talk about and mostly and they are straight forward and open most of the time, how are they taking advantage of this entertainment tool, they just take out what ever is inside then over the chat talking about there problems with someone they know nothing of and when a person talks and let out the all the things inside him/her he/she feels better and light, you never know you might find a suggestion or advice from someone which might help you out in a big time.

Sometime it happens you have been talking to some one on chat and you become good friends although you have never talked or met in real life but you care about the person on the other end it can happen but not in Pakistan, exceptions are always there and I am one of them.

Sometimes it happens that the other person is trying to make a fool out of you and you are well aware of the fact but you play along just for the heck of it and wait till the other person admits on its own, but a lot of patience’s are required for that and how you handle it.

The best part which is mostly found in Pakistani chatters is that they don’t like to chat with there own sex, for example if a guy
just even say hi to the other guy then the message comes
“ I am not Gay “.